Antivirus Software for Business: Best Endpoint Protection

Antivirus solutions for business have created a separate niche. Since businesses need somewhat different kinds of protection, many providers have released special editions for this exact purpose. They devote great attention to the security of documents and other confidential data as well as shield the devices from all kinds of threats and viruses. Let’s find out more about the best antivirus software for business and why these options top the chart.

The Most Popular Choice

Many companies stick to the oldest and very reliable antivirus provider, McAfee. There are many reasons to turn to this solution. Firstly, the security suite offers a great price for multiple devices.

McAfee also adds several extras for complete online security. The features include a password manager, a firewall, etc. In combination with good antivirus and malware protection, the software quickly identifies threats and effectively blocks them. The software uses machine learning to find zero-day threats and other suspicious activities to proactively block possible threats.

Another Choice Worth Your Time

You can also learn more about Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security. This software is a very convenient solution for business of any kind. The biggest advantage is that it offers a free trial version. Far from all providers do it for businesses. It’s a perfect way to test all the features and define if it’s worth the cost.

Bitdefender shields devices and data from threats like malware, phishing sites, ransomware, zero-day threats, and other suspicious activities. The business owner gets an opportunity to grant or deny access to certain websites for all devices it covers. This is likely to decrease the possibility of catching a virus and infecting the files. The feature reminds of parental control a lot.

What’s more, this solution stands out using artificial intelligence to monitor the system and network. It’s quick due to the usage of cloud storage.

Is Norton a Suitable Solution?

In case you haven’t heard, Norton also offers a business edition for its antivirus software. Its security suite has great features and antivirus engines that keep all the devices and documents safe. The software has tools that deal worth ransomware, malware, viruses, zero-day threats, etc. Using cloud-based device management, the business owner will always be able to control the software for every device connected.

One of the things that makes it special is the usage of the same engines that Fortune 500 use. No matter how big or small your company is, Norton is ready to offer you the most suitable antivirus package. Besides, it has decent prices that won’t break your budget.

Useful Tips That Will Help You Choose

When making a choice, it’s important to put your business first. Think of what features you need and what you value in antivirus software. Is it the impact on system performance? Do you need secure browsers? Are you looking for excellent protection from hackers? Every business owner is sure to have a general idea of what they want. Now it’s time to look at these popular options and define which one has the most relevant features to offer.

Another important step in the choice-making process is to define how many devices you need to cover with antivirus protection and how much you are willing to spend on the top-notch services. When you have these numbers, you’ll easily get a quote from different providers and pick the most suitable one.

Finally, it’s worth checking the reputation of the company you pan to work with. Discover if the antivirus provider you’ve picked has had any scandals or leaks recently. Learn about other ways the company operates and make sure it shares the same values you do.

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