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This year, the ranking of the best and most reliable antiviruses has been somewhat updated. Security software developers are always trying to improve their products so that they can fight back the latest malware and virus. Among them, there are many free and noteworthy paid programs. We remind newbies in the computer world that installing two antiviruses is contraindicated.

Top Free Antiviruses

Even paid antiviruses have free versions because this is a good way to let the user test the program. There are also many free programs that are designed specifically for free use. Some of them have become the best in protection against viruses in official research. Which ones?

Read on the top of the best antiviruses and you will know everything.

Avast. From 2017 to today Avast is considered the best free antivirus. Interestingly, for tests, Avast is a Czech program for free use. Antivirus took 7th place at the top of the best programs to protect the system. It has all the features to protect against any threats and problem programs:

  • Create a rescue disk to boot from it and scan your computer for viruses.
  • Scanning add-ons and browser extensions are the most common cause of advertisements and pop-ups in the browser.
  • Means of optimizing and cleaning the system, updating programs and drivers.

The program allows the user to decide for himself which options itwill use and which itwill prefer to leave.

Kaspersky Free. About recently released Kaspersky Free. Users liked the free version. So, it provides basic system protection. In general, tests have shown that the free version does an excellent job with its task, detects malware and spyware, and protects against hacker attacks. This is a professional development that has many important advantages:

  • Antivirus program from a recognized leader in the fight against viruses
  • Low PC resource consumption
  • Daily Regular Signature Update
  • Ability to protect IM-messengers and email programs

In both the free and paid versions, Kaspersky competes with Bitdefender. We will talk further about it.

Bitdefender. The recently released updated version of this antivirus has acquired a new interface and support for Windows 10 while retaining its main advantage silence with high performance. User may like useful options:

  • simple settings
  • low PC load
  • convincing virus detection rate.

Despite the simplicity of the interface, almost no settings, and some additional options, this antivirus is one of the best free solutions, which, in addition to providing a decent level of user protection, will almost never distract from work and does not slow down the computer at all.

And that’s all?

Of course not. These were antiviruses that occupy the leading positions in the tops of security software. There are also many worthy products available in both paid and free mode:

  • Web
  • Panda
  • Tencent
  • Adaware
  • Comodo
  • 360 Security

It is worth noting that the antivirus rating is updated once a year and in previous years it has accumulated a lot of comments with user experience on the use of various antiviruses and other PC protection tools. Of course, there is nothing perfect. The same with antivirus. Some people scan their PCs well, but they don’t do well with Internet threats. Many products have universal properties. Especially from proven and popular programs.

On a note

Antiviruses are becoming more and more thoughtful. It is a fact. They not only find and eliminate a variety of viruses but also optimize the system, improving its functionality and speed. But still, we advise you not to forget that for improved protection it is worth using special anti-security programs if you don’t want to face problems on PC..

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