Best Data Room Hosting Services and Intellectual Property Protection Services

Every day, the business generates and processes a huge amount of information. Its volumes are growing exponentially, which creates new challenges for local IT systems. That is why data room hosting services are increasingly popular with corporate clients. Here is more about it. 

Virtual data room – a new way to host business data 

The need for ways to edit documents online in a team is constantly growing – whether in development cooperation, contract conclusions, or financing rounds. A virtual data room is a solution for secure data exchange across company boundaries. For example, bank employees from different areas on different continents work together on sensitive documents, developers at the car manufacturer work with colleagues at the supplier on new products, and partners in a supply chain create joint offers and process sales. Currently, e-mail has been used in most cases for this communication. However, e-mails are considered neither efficient nor particularly secure, especially those involving intellectual property. Instead, documents can be exchanged and edited worldwide in virtual, well-protected data rooms.

In the modern world, intellectual property rights such as trademarks, geographical indications, trade secrets, computer programs, databases, literature, art, etc., play a significant role in ensuring the competitiveness of goods and services and thus become a decisive factor in economic development. Any property needs protection, and intellectual property is no exception. The virtual data room ensures a comprehensive, collaborative workspace and data repository for hosting business-critical information. 

Advantages of the data room hosting services

Virtual data room software ensures many valuable benefits for hosting business data and useful tools for arranging secure collaboration. They are as follows:

    • It saves you money in the long run. A business owner only pays for what they use. In a standard data processing center, your server room requires large investments in “iron,” electricity, compliance with fire safety standards, and salaries of personnel who maintain your equipment and software. Cloud solutions allow you to avoid these costs.
    • Data rooms are easily scalable. Previously to have its process management and accounting software, a manufacturing company installed servers for hosting in the central office. In the data room, this can be done not even manually but automatically.
    • Geographic coverage. Business is increasingly oriented towards a global scale and strives to serve customers in different corners and points of the globe. For example, the data room is relevant for organizations actively building their branch network.

How to choose the best data room hosting service?

There are other challenges when choosing the right data room solution. Following, the market for data room providers is broad and ranges from start-ups to big players. The most popular vendors are:

      • Digify
      • SecureDocs
      • Ansarada
      • Firmex
      • Onehub
      • Merill
      • IDeals
      • Intralinks.

Above all, attention should be paid to the fact that the data space is hosted in Germany, for example. The security standards, in particular, are different: certification of the data centers according to ISO 27001 should be fulfilled as a minimum requirement. A multi-level security concept with firewalls and separation between data and application servers is also important. The TCDP standard – “Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile” – with its clearly defined protection classes, helps companies to select the right protection for cloud services. When it comes to sensitive personal data, TCDP 3 should be guaranteed. 

The data room should also be able to easily record very large files such as images, video, and voice files or CAD drawings. It is also important to encrypt not only the contents of the data room but also between the user’s web interface and the host’s servers.

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