Betternet VPN Review to Check Before Buying It

VPN technology removes geographic restrictions on browsing sites and also ensures the security and privacy of being on the Internet. Then let’s check Betternet VPN review now. Betternet offers a completely free VPN without registration, traffic restrictions or connection speed. The service is available through applications for Android and iOS, a program for Windows and extensions for Chrome or Firefox. Read also more about Best Internet Security for Business here.

The very name of the service hints that Betternet is a composite image of the Network, in which there is no place for government surveillance, hacker attacks, far-fetched censorship and annoying advertising. At the forefront is anonymity and freedom of choice. Your data is not stored anywhere, and the transmitted information is encrypted from beginning to end, which in sum ensures the proper level of privacy.

Betternet Extension for Chrome

Sounds too good to be true? Betternet does not chase your money and provides transparent statistics of its expenses and income. From it becomes clear that a simple affiliate program supports the life of the service: users are asked to download a mobile application or watch an ad, for which Betternet will receive its cents. The company closely monitors this content and offers it without undue obsession.

It is important to note that the promotional offer can be ignored, and the download is carried out only from official sources:

  • Google Play
  • The App Store.

Betternet Extension is developing dynamically. According to the results of September 2015, almost 4.5 million Betternet users ensured the proper flow of money, and the company broke even for the fourth month in a row. As you can see, the adopted monetization model gives a result primarily due to the constant growth of an active audience. Where so many people come from? The fact is that the convenient Betternet is available on both mobile and desktop OSes.

It Supports:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • By the way, OS X is on the way

Betternet for Android

On the smartphone and in the browser, the channel went up quickly and without problems, but the software for Windows closed over and over again in emergency mode. Perhaps the program will crash only in the test environment of the not yet entirely stable “tens”, and in other versions of Windows, everything will be fine.

Other problems were discovered here. To begin with, Betternet servers are located only in the USA and Great Britain. This is not enough and far. Secondly, the transmission speed can be unpleasantly surprising. My drop was about 70–80%. But here it is worthwhile to understand that every day the service processes more than 400 TB of data, distributing it among hundreds of servers. It all depends on whether you want to watch a ten-second video a couple of times a month or install/uninstall the application.

In Conclusion

Betternet may disappoint you with the small geography of the servers and, possibly, the low connection speed. However, it seems to me that this free, understandable, multi-platform VPN without registration is more than excusable.

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