How to Create a Secure Connection Between Two Computers?

The main goal of combining local area networks of computers is to provide transparent access to the geographically distributed information resources of the organization. Therefore, this article will analyze the best way to set up a secure connection between two computers.

What is a secure connection?

If we have two computers at home, we often need to exchange files, photos, important documents, software, and movies between two PCs. We usually use a USB flash drive or external hard drive to transfer these files. In addition, some of us like to use cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive to share files between computers. So, how to create a secure connection between computers for data transmission?

A secure connection protects data transmitted over the Internet between two computers. Creating a secure connection has the following goals:

  • hide confidential data from strangers;
  • make sure the interlocutor;
  • protect transmitted information from being read and modified by outsiders.

There are several ways to transfer data securely. They use data encryption and special keys to read this data for their purpose. Keys are usually stored in special databases – certificate stores – and are available only to authorized users.

Local area network between two computers over the Internet

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) allows it to create a virtual isolated, fast and stable connection between two or more points in different locations. In addition, the network is protected from unauthorized access.

VLAN technology provides:

    • Flexible networking. The technology allows you to segment the local network into subnets based on functionality, regardless of the territorial location of devices. That is, devices on the same VLAN subnet can be connected to different switches remote from each other.
    • Improved security. Devices on different VLAN subnets cannot communicate, reducing the chances of unauthorized access to system devices. Communication between different subnets is possible only through a router. In addition, using a router allows you to configure security policies that can be applied immediately to the entire group of devices belonging to the same subnet.

VPN – a perfect alternative for secure connections

A VPN connection is a technology that allows computers to exchange encrypted data. For data transfer, the Internet is used, in which the so-called. VPN tunnel. Only 2 points get access to the information transmitted through this tunnel: the computer from which it is transmitted and the computer that receives it.

A special program configures a VPN tunnel between two computers, and a password is generated to encrypt the transmitted information. Next, one computer sends an encrypted request to another, transmitted through the tunnel. Upon receipt of the request, the data is decrypted using the previously generated key, and the request is executed, the response is encrypted, and transmitted back through the tunnel.

This system ensures the following capabilities:

  • unite in a secure network of computers located remotely from each other. As you know, you can create a local network of computers that are located nearby simply by connecting them with wires. Such a network will work without the Internet, and information will “travel” from one computer to another through connecting cables. Naturally, no one will access this network except for users of computers participating in the network.
  • maintain the privacy of online activities. Using a VPN connection with an anonymous server, accessing the Internet will work like this: your computer, through the VPN service, accesses another computer on whose “name” (IP address) all actions on the network are performed. Since the communication channel is encrypted, no one can intercept and identify information coming to your computer.

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