Igloo for the Dog: Help in Choosing

A lightweight plastic igloo is an inexpensive, aesthetic and comfortable solution that allows you to create optimal living conditions for a four-legged watchman. In our online store, you can buy plastic houses for small, medium and large pet dogs at retail and/or wholesale at a budget price. To get started, we suggest you check out the extra large igloo dog house for sale – Review.

Such igloos are designed for year-round operation and provide reliable protection of the animal from various adverse weather and climatic factors.

Plastic Igloo Design

In its design, a plastic doghouse is similar to a traditional large doghouse. It has a strong plastic bottom (floor), walls, entrance and a gable roof. There are models of plastic booths with several entrances and a folding side panel, which, when unfolded, serves as a platform for the animal to relax.

The Benefits of Plastic Dog Houses

  • Reliability and long service life: beautiful plastic dog houses made of high-quality plastic, which is resistant to shock loads and negative external influences, including color fading under the influence of UV rays, are on sale;
  • Functionality: the design of the plastic kennel is maximally adapted to the needs of the animal – the house is well ventilated, protects the cold coming from the ground, reliably protects the four-legged friend from rain, sun, and wind;
  • Convenience: there are houses for houses and streets, designed for dogs of different breeds and sizes. They are spacious enough and roomy so that the animal does not feel constrained;
  • Aesthetics: the igloo is made in soft beige and gray tones, stylized as a small house and harmoniously complement the landscape of any country, garden or personal plot;
  • Hygiene: it is very easy to care for a plastic circuit – it does not need any constant maintenance, to keep the house clean it is enough to clean and wash it periodically (plastic is not afraid of wet care);
  • Safety: the material used in the manufacture of the house does not contain components hazardous to the animal;
  • Mobility: the igloo is sold disassembled, it is easy to transport and move around the site, no tools are needed to assemble individual elements in the house;
  • Affordable cost: an important advantage of plastic products is the budget price. On our site, a plastic dog house can be bought cheap!

The Size of the Needle – We Select Correctly

Approximate sizes of dog kennels for dogs of various breeds (width x depth x height, cm):

  • Fox Terrier, Pug, Dachshund, French Bulldog, – 60 x 80 x 60;
  • Husky, Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, English Bulldog, Shar Pei, Boxer, German Shepherd Dog, Doberman – 80 x 110 x 80;
  • Great Dane, Caucasian Shepherd Dog;
  • Irish Wolfhound – 100 x 130 x 100.

The size of the manhole leading inward for large dog breeds is 50×40 cm. Another way to organize personal space for a dog is an aviary. As a rule, there is a booth inside it. An aviary is a place where the dog feels that he is the owner of the territory and has the opportunity to freely relax in the fresh air. At the same time, the use of a chain is not required and a natural canine instinct for the protection of its territory is realized. Usually, aviaries have 2-3 covered walls one open. Inside set the feeder and drinker.

Buy Smart

Individual approach: consultants of the PetStore online store will help you with choosing the kennel that is best suited for your pet. Also, we will take care of the timely delivery of the ordered product.

To clarify how much it costs and to order inexpensively in PetStore a ready-made plastic house on the street or in a dog house in the form of a needle, fill out an application directly on the website or contact the managers at the indicated contact numbers.

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