Seniors Staying Safe on the Internet

Internet use among seniors is continually on the rise. Nearly 70 percent of seniors now regularly browse the internet. Whether you use it for social media, online banking, or emailing, seniors can unfortunately be easier targets for internet scams. Scammers perceive seniors as more vulnerable. Therefore, they usually target them first. Everyone should prioritize internet safety these days. But for seniors, this is especially vital. It could mean the difference between being the victim of malicious scams or having a useful and enjoyable experience online.

Artworkinaction has a wide variety of internet safety tips to guide seniors. Hackers are always looking for vulnerable systems they can break in to. That’s why it’s always recommended to install an antivirus program. Viruses can come from something as simple as an email attachment from an unknown sender. By installing an antivirus program, your computer will automatically detect and protect against these scams. Norton antivirus is a commonly used program.

Many seniors decide to create an email account. But always be weary of emails from unknown senders. Due to the wide variety of types of scams out there, a good rule is to only communicate with trusted people and companies. If anything looks suspicious, do not open the email! Delete it immediately. Regardless of what the email is claiming, if you are not completely sure then ignore it.

Finally, social media accounts are on the rise among seniors. This is wonderful for keeping in touch with others. But there are some general guidelines seniors should follow. Remember to be careful with information you share. All the information you share is public. Whether your account is “private” or not, the internet is not a private place. Another important rule is to always know everybody you accept into your social network. Do not add strangers.

Above all, the internet doesn’t have to be scary. It should be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for seniors. It’s always easier to avoid dangerous scams if you know what to look for. By following these guidelines, you will be able to safely browse and keep in touch with loved ones. The goal is to enjoy all the benefits the internet can bring.

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