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Reasons why you need Top VPN services while surfing the internet

Do you want to extend your private network into the public internet while maintaining the security of information? Or you just need to hide your location information over a public network? Read also about Antivirus software article.

Either way, you can get more services by only using Virtual Private Network (VPN) services! By reading this, you will learn a few types of VPNs out there, how they work, and even have a place to choose one for yourself. More information you can find in thematic vpn reviews:

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However, can we be acquainted with Virtual Private Networks?

Let us try to demystify the tech jargon and make it simple. A VPN creates a secure connection over an insecure public network using security procedures and tunneling protocols (rules that guide communication of devices over a network). The VPN software or application encrypts information from the sending device and decrypt it at the receiving end.

Well, let us ask ourselves where and why are all these are applied?

Reasons are many. They range from sites that restrict access from a certain geographical location; freelance workers who need to access a corporate website remotely, or even hiding your real location over a public network and many other reasons.

For these reasons, there are many varieties of VPNs depending on usage;

– Remote access VPN

This kind of VPN connects to a remote VPN gateway server on an organization?s network. The VPN gateway will require the connecting device to authenticate itself before it is granted access to internal network resources. This can be access to file servers, databases, printers etc.

The security of this VPN relies on IP Security (IPSec) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to secure connectivity.

– Site-to-Site VPN

This one, on the other hand, is a little bit different. The VPN gateway handles all the connection services from one network in one location to another network in a different location. The End-Nodes does not require a VPN software or application because the gateway handles all the connection for them. Simply put, the gateway serves as a bridge between the two networks.

Site-to-Site VPN mostly connects to the internet using IPSec.

– Mobile VPN

In this type of VPN, a VPN server is established at the end of a corporate network. This ensures that authenticated and secure traffic is allowed to access internal resources. Mobile VPNs are not bound to real IP addresses but rather a logical one. The logical IP address identifies the mobile device despite its roaming locations. Mobile VPNs can effectively adjust across the available access technologies, different public and private networks. This seamlessly provides continuous services.

In most cases, VPN services are valuable when connecting to remote networks with geographical location access restrictions or even IP address masking is required. Most VPN application vendors offer top VPN services. Top VPN services offer seamless connectivity of devices without regard to your physical location, fast and efficient connectivity, as well as a secure end-to-end communication channel.

Mostly, you are required to register for an account using email and a password. Then, a virtual IP address is assigned for you to connect from, and you start to enjoy VPN services!

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